Early Blossom Suncatchers

Posted by iChild, March 29, 2017 5:26 PM

By The Gingerbread House

The days are longer and slightly warmer which means my children have been enjoying being outside more and more. Spring is our favourite month and it's lovely to notice the garden coming to life again. There are so many ways to be inspired by nature and I can't wait to see how this translates to the crafts we make together.

Today I am sharing a lovely simple craft which encourages children to go on a nature hunt outside and find Spring blossom, flower heads and leaves. You can do this in your garden, in the local park or walking home from school - nature is all around us.


One thing we have noticed is the Spring blossom. We have a beautiful cherry tree in our garden and it has been a real pleasure watching the blossom grown. This inspired us to make some blossom sun catchers. They are simple to make and look great hanging in a window.


To make blossom sun catchers you will need:
Contact paper (sticky backed plastic)
Patterned card
Selection of Spring blossom, flower heads and leaves

How to make blossom suncatchers


The first step is to make a frame for your sun catcher from the patterned card. Place a large glass and small glass or lid on your card, draw around it and cut out.


Cut two pieces of contact paper, slightly larger than your frame. Remove the contact paper from its paper backing and place your frame with the patterned side on the sticky side.

Now comes the fun part - create your pressed flower blossom sun catchers. My 5-year-old helped me collect blossom, flower heads and leaves from the garden so she was excited to make some sun catchers. We talked about making patterns and she loved removing petals from flowers and placing them inside the frame.


When she had finished making patterns with the blossom I covered the other side of the sun catcher with the contact paper. We smoothed out any bumps and I trimmed away the excess contact paper. We made four sun catchers and my daughter was so pleased with her finished makes that she wanted to take them to school to give to her teachers, this is always a good sign!

To finish them off simply make a hole in the frame, thread some twine and hang up in a window.


By The Gingerbread House

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