Keeping children active over the summer

Posted by iChild, July 26, 2017 10:42 AM

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It's summer time and all we want to do is spend the whole day outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!  But we often wonder how much time we should be spending running around outside with the children; is there such a thing as too much and what else we should be doing?  Here's the answers to a few questions many parents have about keeping children active over the summer.




How much exercise should children do each day?


Children should have about 60 minutes of active play each day.  By this we mean running around and getting their heart rates up, really getting their bodies moving and exerting some energy.  Some of these activities will be giving them general aerobic exercise (such as running and cycling) and other activities will be great for building muscles (like climbing frames at the playground) and building bone strength (such as jumping and skipping).


There isn't a set limit to the amount of exercise that your child should get each day, that is based on the individual child.  As long as you keep them hydrated and make sure that they get lots of breaks if they need them, then there's no concern to letting an active child play football for a few hours a day.  You will know when they've had enough because they will look tired and will probably be asking to go home and rest.


(Information based on the NHS guidelines)




How can we keep little ones cool on very hot days?


When it gets really hot we should try to make sure we stay indoors at the hottest times of the day or at least stay out of the sun for a little while and be a bit less active.  When we're in the sun, of course we put a good quality sun screen on the whole family and drink lots of water, but we also like to play with water to keep cool!


We can often be found playing in the paddling pool or sprinkler to keep cool and active in our own garden, or going to a public swimming pool or splash park for a day out.  We also love any type of ice play, our Surprise Ice Cubes game is a great favourite - it can be really fun to freeze a few toys in ice cubes and watch them melt their way out! Or just playing with a bucket of water and a few sponges and paint brushes can keep little ones cool and busy for ages.


What can we do to keep active outdoors?

When we're outdoors, we love to:

 ·         ride bicycles and scooters
           You might enjoy our iChild Tour de France (& Britain) activities!
·         run around playing tag or hide and seek
·         go to the playground
·         jump on a trampoline
·         swim
·         climb trees
·         play sports (football, tennis, basketball, etc.)

iChild's Outdoor Fun and Minibeasts activities offer many ideas for the great outdoors in the summer.



What can we do to keep active indoors?

On rainy days, or days when it's just to hot to be outside, we love to:

·         have a dance party

·         make an indoor obstacle course

·         make a hopscotch game on the floor with tape

·         play catch with a balloon

·         have a scavenger hunt around the house

·         do yoga (we love Cosmic Kids on YouTube)

·         toss bean bags at targets

iChild's Summer and Crafts activities have a range of ideas to be enjoyed indoors or out!

The main goal is definitely to have lots of fun and to be as active as possible.  We always like to balance out our days, often having a fun active morning running around in the park and then a quiet afternoon reading books in a play tent in the garden.  Or sometimes we'll have a morning of doing crafts and head out for an afternoon play date and a splash around the pool.  The children are usually much happier when we have fun filled days with a bit of balance between being active and more restful activities.  

By Play & Learn Every Day


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