Keeping active in the winter: Inspiration from the Winter Olympics

Posted by iChild, February 15, 2018 5:26 PM

By Play and Learn Every Day

My children are really enjoying watching the Winter Games! They are definitely encouraging us to continue being active throughout the winter months. Back in the summer we were thinking about how to Keep children active throughout the summer and to keep cool in the heat. Now that it’s a lot colder we're looking for ways to motivate us to get outside, and we're also finding things to keep us busy and active indoors when it’s just too cold outdoors.


The many events in the Winter Olympics can inspire our children to have a go at new sports. Who knows, we may even end up with a few future Olympians on our hands!

 Ice skating


There are some lovely outdoor skating rinks all around the country that are definitely worth looking into. It’s such a great opportunity to get outside together, bundle up nice and warm and do something active. Especially as many children will be just learning to skate and they'll probably be so focused on picking up these new skills that they won’t even be thinking about the cold.  And it’s a great excuse to enjoy a hot chocolate afterwards to warm up!

But on the days that it is just too cold and miserable outside, or if you don’t have an outdoor skating rink nearby, then you could try some indoor skating in your socks on a slippery floor!  After watching some magnificent displays of grace and agility in the Olympic figure skating you can put on some of your favourite songs and slip and slide around the kitchen to recreate them. (Of course, you need to make sure the space is safe!)

Afterwards, children can relax with iChild's great colouring activity, Design Your Own Ice Skates!



It is also worth looking around to see if there is a dry ski slope or an indoor ski centre nearby.  This is a great way for young children to try out skiing without going on a major trip to the mountains.  They’ve always got all of the gear that you can hire for the day, and again the children will love the challenge of learning a new skill and they will be so proud of themselves when they get down that hill on their own!

But if you don’t have any ski centres nearby (or if the cost puts you off) then you can always make your own cardboard skis out of recycled boxes.  Cut them into a ski shape, add some elastic to secure to your feet and glide around the carpet in the warmth and comfort of your own home!  The children will love creating and decorating their own skis and then perfecting their cross country skiing skills by trying to stay up and race each other across the room. (Again, of course - we always make sure the space is safe!)

The iChild website has some fun colouring in activities, such as these downhill racer or cross-country skiing pictures.

Ski Jumping


My children always love watching the ski jumping, but to avoid them jumping on the furniture (never a good idea!), why not look for a local trampoline park so that they can practice their acrobatics in a safer environment.

Or you could even get a small trampoline to have indoors at home or a large one for the garden. Children love to jump and it’s a great way to tire them out on those days that they don’t get much of an opportunity to run around. 



We are big fans of the bobsleigh and luge events at the Winter Olympics, and if you are lucky enough to get snow it’s the perfect excuse to take out your sled and go to the nearest hill to try out your skills. I know that we are unlikely to get that much snow in London, so for us we’ll have to stick to the playground slides! Or we might even go to a big soft play centre that has those massive slides with the mats to sit on. Those are perfect for racing down!

If you’re trying to recreate bobsleigh events at home - well that could be a tricky one safety wise! You could try sliding down the stairs at home on a mat or cushion, or just setting up a few cushions on angles down from the bed or sofa to slide down. But please do be careful! A safer option would be to create a bobsleigh track for your small toys; we used car tracks balanced on books, made little bobsleighs for our toys and sent them zooming down!

iChild also have a great colouring page to Design Your Own Bobsleigh.

Winter Olympics party

Another great idea is to combine some of the indoor events that we’ve created to make your own little Winter Olympics play date at home.  Invite a few friends over, print out the great gold, silver and bronze medals from iChild and test out your skills against your friends!

For more crafts and colouring pages take a look at the iChild Winter Olympics page.

By Play and Learn Every Day



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