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Posted by iChild, July 25, 2018 9:00 AM

Now that the summer is well and truly here, it's a wonderful time of year to be outside with your children. We've selected some beautiful books to encourage children's love of nature. Plus, they're a great way to keep children reading during the long summer holidays!
(NB:Once you've clicked on a book, clicking on the "Check Price" button will take you to the Amazon page). 

A First Book of Nature Hardcover
From beachcombing to stargazing, this is a lyrical and lovely guide to nature for young children.

British Birds (Nature Detective)
Introducing children to more than 50 of the most common birds found in Britain today.

i-Spy Birds: What can you spot?
Children can spot 140 varieties of birds with this i-Spy guide

i-Spy Butterflies and Moths
Children can spot 140 species of butterflies and moths!

i-Spy Garden Birds
Children can spot over 140 birds!

i-Spy in the Countryside
Children can spot over 140 countryside sights!

i-Spy in the Garden
Children can spot over 140 garden sights with this fun guide!

i-Spy Nature
Children can spot over 140 different wonders of nature with this fun guide!

Life Cycle Stages of a Butterfly
Let your children see how a butterfly changes from a caterpillar, cocoon to a fully-fledged butterfly!

Life Cycle Stages of a Ladybird
Soft plastic ladybug life cycle figures to teach how this popular insect grows
Children can also enjoy iChild Website's great activities on Minibeasts and Outdoor Fun.


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