Founding Fofolino, the luxury baby muslin brand

Posted by iChild, August 22, 2018 2:07 PM

By Eugénie Haniel, Founder of Fofolino


Family First

Living by the motto of ‘the more the merrier’, I always dreamed of a large family, and in the short space of three years my family grew from two to six with the arrival of my four children. My eldest is now six, the twins five and my youngest three and a half. Hearing the patter of their feet fills me with utter delight each day.

Organisation and planning have always been my strengths; however, the arrival of children has a magical way of lowering one’s standards in this department – especially having twins within 14 months of baby number one. This gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘planning’!

Being a mother of twins was a steep learning curve to which preparation was no longer always an option. Suddenly, I became the master of improvisation as I adapted to the ever-changing, unexpected situations twins and a toddler bring. It is with this in mind that I can share my hard-learned survival tips:

  1. Sleep when they sleep – day or night!
  2. Forget what the house looks like but focus on the happiness within it.
  3. Don’t be too proud to ask for help – lean on your family and friends to help lighten the load of a new baby. This can be anything from picking up some milk or nappies or taking care of the baby for the afternoon to give you some time to yourself.
  4. Listen to your midwife and post-natal care team. They have an infinite amount of wisdom and experience on newborn survival tips to help you through the first days and months.
  5. Ask questions! You never know until you ask and there’s nothing worse than guessing, especially for new mothers.

Fofolino Royal-11Small

My Fifth Baby

Fofolino was born from my personal quest to find high quality muslins that are made to last – I simply couldn’t find a muslin that wasn’t heavily patterned or didn’t lose shape after a wash or two. I yearned for a muslin that was beautiful and timeless, yet functional and hardwearing. I also wanted something that could become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.

For centuries, muslin squares have been an essential for parents the world over, both in the nursery and while out-and-about. These humble little squares are a timeless staple to any changing bag, push chair or mother’s handbag for the first few years of any child’s life, not only as a spill cloth but also as nursing cover, swaddle cloth, light blanket, cuddly toy or playtime ground cover. As the child grows, their uses grow too – evolving to become a pirate ship flag or dolls nappy and more. 

After much searching to little success, a gap in the market was spotted and I decided I was going to make my own. Through a bit of luck, a lot more research and real-life trial and error, Fofolino’s debut signature collection launched in early 2016 – a collection that has continuously developed and gone from strength to strength ever since!


There was no robust business plan, but rather the brand grew organically through a network of close friends who came to know the Fofolino muslins by seeing me using them for my own children. Slowly but surely, Fofolino grew to a stage where I was able to make the leap.

I’m really proud of the Fofolino product offering. The exceptional quality ensures they are guaranteed to last long after young children outgrow them and I myself have Fofolino muslins of my own that have seen me through all four of my own children. Our muslins are made of the finest 100% pure cotton, offering a super soft texture, while being substantial and sturdy enough to withstand the test of family life. Their unique double-weave fabric is fabulously functional and offers high spill absorption properties, which greatly exceeds that of our competitors. It is the exceptional quality and stunning design which has allowed Fofolino to become the go-to brand of choice, bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetic.


The Business is Born

Starting a business is very much like having your first child – a steep learning curve! At times it was overwhelming but always rewarding. Although my family always come first, Fofolino was often a welcome alternative to my home life of motherhood. I thrive having a focus that I love.

Fofolino (3 of 6).small2 jpg

Building a business doesn’t come without its challenges. It can be a logistical nightmare at times! Travelling overseas to visit production partners, sales associates and the various supporting PR & Marketing agencies combined with ensuring childcare is fully in place can be quite the operation. My saving grace has been to always have a backup option on standby, whether that’s an alternative way of manging the business, such as a Skype/Conference Call in place of a meeting, or a strong network of close friends and family who will happily step in at the eleventh hour to mind the children. I can’t thank my incredible friends and family for their ongoing support – Fofolino simply wouldn’t have been possible without them.

I’m so grateful for the success Fofolino has had in such a short time. The challenges are by far outweighed by the joy my family and business bring me on a daily basis. It is the milestones that make it worthwhile and I’ve been privileged to have so many – my products featuring in the press, being nominated for leading industry awards, countless influencers and mummy bloggers raving about our collections and not to mention the amazing feedback I receive each day from Fofolino fans.

These successes have each contributed to Fofolino becoming the ultimate nursery and changing bag companion as an essential item for new-borns right from birth.  That fills me with an immense sense of achievement and pride for what has been created.

The Fofolino collections feature timeless and elegant colour ways, together with the option of embroidered personalisation, to perfectly complement the nursery. For more details and to shop the collection, visit: or follow Fofolino on social: Instagram: @my_fofolino / Facebook: @myfofolino.


By Eugénie Haniel, Founder of Fofolino



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Eugenie, great article! Am so impressed how Fofolino has grown over the years and look forward to becoming a new client! ;)

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