Musical toys and instruments from our iChild Shop

Posted by iChild, November 29, 2018 1:09 PM

There is a wealth of evidence which shows that music really benefits children's education and development. So we've selected some lovely instruments from our iChild Shop. Whether your child is a budding Beethoven or just playing for fun - we're sure there's something for all children to enjoy! Remember, these are a selection of the products with the best reviews - should something take your fancy, the links will take you to Amazon, to buy if you wish.

LeapFrog Count and Crawl Kitty Musical Toy
A purr-fect way to explore numbers 1-20 for kids ages 9+ months

Halilit Baby Xylophone Musical Instrument
Ideal first real musical instrument to introduce children to the delights of making music.


Tidlo Musical Bear
A smiley bear - popular with budding musicians and a popular gift!


Acoustic Guitar Package (ages 3-6) 1/4 sized (31' inch)
Everything a beginner needs, including 6 Months FREE guitar tuition from Rock Star Academy


Acoustic Guitar Package 3/4 (ages 3-6) Sized (36' inch)
Everything a beginner needs, including 6 Months FREE guitar tuition from Rock Star Academy


Acoustic Guitar Package, left handed (ages 3-6) 1/4 Sized (31' inch)
Everything you need to get started, includes 6 Months FREE guitar tuition from Rock Star Academy


Aulos 205A Descant Recorder
Ideal for lessons, practice and live performances, approved by teachers and schools.

Aulos 211A Tenor Recorder
For the smaller hand, with smaller and less widely spaced finger holes and no keywork
First Book of the Recorder

Simple, colourful guide to descant recorder, for absolute beginners of any age.


First Book of the Keyboard
Using fun cartoon characters to explain techniques and theory of keyboard playing.



We hope your mini Mozarts will have lots of fun. Play on!





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