Packing your hospital bag for labour

Posted by iChild, November 14, 2018 9:00 AM

by Pears and Chocolate Sauce

When you're expecting a baby, one of the significant milestones that reminds you that this IS definitely happening is packing the hospital bag. The NHS recommend that you pack the bag at least two weeks before your due date, but we were nearly caught short when our eldest attempted an early appearance at 36 weeks! In the end she kept us waiting slightly beyond our due date, but nevertheless, I'd say it was worth trying to have the majority packed a few weeks early, as well as a detailed list of any other items that need to be included so that the father-to-be, or your birthing partner, knows exactly what needs packing when the moment arrives.


But what to pack? I've found I generally pack two 'hand luggage' sized bags: one for the baby, and another for myself. A few things will be obvious, but just to be sure, here's my list of everything you might want to take with you. 

For Mum

  • Your maternity notes
    - A few sets of loose, comfy clothing (some of which you may want to wear during labour)
    - Nursing vests
    - Warm socks and/or slippers
    - Dressing gown
    - Some comfortable nursing bras
    - Breast pads - I used washable bamboo ones the second time around and would recommend them. 
    - Nipple ointment if you will be breastfeeding
    - Large, comfortable knickers - you may also want to include some disposable ones for soon after the birth.
    - A pack of super-absorbent maternity pads (labour and birth is so glamorous, isn't it?!)
    - Your wash bag - include lip balm, face wipes, toothbrush, flannel and deodorant as well as anything else you may want.
    - A towel
    - An extra pillow or two (I took my maternity pillow as it was so supportive!) 
    - Drinks and snacks - take plenty for Mum and some for Dad too!
    - A fan or water spray
    - A book, or a tablet with pre-loaded films or TV (you may think you won't have time, but if your labour is slow, you may want some entertainment. Don't count on the hospital WiFi for streaming! 
    - A camera


For Baby

- Newborn nappies
- 4 newborn sleepsuits
- 4 0-3 month sleepsuits (My first stayed in 'newborn' size clothing for a few weeks; but my second went straight into 0-3!)
- 4 newborn vests
- 4 0-3 month vests
- 2-3 cardigans
- A pramsuit in case it is cold
- 2 pairs scratch mitts
- 2 hats
- Nappy changing equipment, including: cotton wool; baby wipes; nappy bags; barrier cream
- A small towel
- Muslins
- Blankets
- A car seat

Getting ready for your new arrival is an exciting time! Here’s to getting your hospital bag packed and crossing one more thing off your list.

By Pears and Chocolate Sauce


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