Oddobds: The series which turns 'different' into 'positive'

Posted by iChild, December 12, 2018 5:21 PM

We’re so pleased to be partnering with our loveable Oddbods friends, and to offer some wonderful Oddbods activities on our iChild website. Plus, we have a fabulous free prize draw!

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Oddbods is an Emmy-nominated TV series, featuring seven adorable characters, who each have their own very unique personality quirks. Oddbods is all about difference and tolerance! Oddbods core message: “Never ever feel that your ‘oddities’ and quirks are anything but fantastical, there’s a little ‘odd’ in everyone; it’s your quirks that make you you. Celebrate them!”


The programme aims to empower children (and adults!) to embrace difference – and therefore promote tolerance among us.

In each Oddbods episode, these very funny, squishy-limbed and colourful characters work together, despite their differences. They unintentionally turn ordinary, everyday situations into unexpected, extraordinary and always humorous events. The Oddbods build friendships, have fun and above all encourage kids to love their own quirks and differences. After all, there’s a little odd in everyone!


There is research to demonstrate that the best of friends are often very different from each other. Subconsciously, this evidence indicates, we seek out best friends who balance out some of our extremes and who can give us fresh new perspectives.

The Oddbods friends may be extremely different from each other and they may not get on absolutely all the time, but they’re always there for each other when it most counts, facing every adventure together, always stronger as a team and having lots of fun along the way.

Oddbods teach us that it’s our differences that make life richer and bring unexpected joy. Everyone has their quirks and we should embrace these in others and in ourselves. Yes, these colourful little guys turn ‘different’ into a positive, celebrating individuality in a humorous, warm and unexpected way.


Oddbods is aired across 180 countries by over 45 broadcasters and VOD platforms, including the UK’s CiTV, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Discovery, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Alternatively, you can watch over 400 short one minute Oddbods episodes on the Oddbods YouTube channel which is officially recognised by YouTube as one of the fastest growing kids’ channels globally!



Oddbods is offering four of our lucky members the chance to win one of these wonderful Oddbods prizes:

- Oddbods notebook
- Oddbods interactive plush toy
- Seven character keyrings
- Mini-Oddbods plush

All your children have to do is print one of our fabulous Oddbods activities, colour it in and send it to us. Click here to enter our Oddbods free prize draw! 


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