Is it wrong to leave a baby to cry?

Posted by iChild, July 24, 2019 1:54 PM

By Next Best Thing to Mummy


A book has recently been published in which it states that a baby should be left to cry and that there is no evidence  that this will harm a child. This got me thinking...




I believe that a baby cries for a reason and therefore should not be left to ‘cry it out’. I also believe that it is not possible to spoil a tiny baby by picking him up when he cries.

It is important to have a bedtime routine for older children, and the sooner this can be established with your new baby, the easier it will be for all of you.

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When my three children were babies, I always picked then up when they cried. I would sing to them as I rocked them in my arms hoping to settle them. I am not saying that this is the correct way to parent; just as every baby is different – every parent is also different and must do what they think is best for them and their baby.

Babies sometimes cry because they are hungry, have a wet or soiled nappy, or are too hot or too cold. As long as all of these things have been checked, I guess that leaving a baby to cry for a short time ( no more than 15 minutes) wouldn’t do too much harm, it’s just something I never felt comfortable with.

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When I was working as a registered childminder and looked after babies, I wouldn’t leave them to cry. I would put them upstairs in a travel cot for naps and plug in a baby monitor so I could hear when they woke. As soon as I heard a sound I would bring them back downstairs.

A friend once asked why I attended to a baby so quickly and my answer was that I never left my own children to cry, so I treated other people’s children the same. That’s why I think the children in my care felt safe  and at home while in my home.


So is it wrong to leave a baby to cry? I would be interested to hear what others think.

By Next Best Thing to Mummy


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