BABY born Soft Touch – the adorable, lifelike baby doll

Posted by iChild, October 09, 2019 5:51 PM

BABY born was created to provide children with the perfect playmate that is almost like a real baby! Imaginative play is key to children’s emotional development and toys can be the perfect way of helping children to develop empathy, trust and compassion for others.


For any little one preparing for the arrival of a younger sibling, BABY born is another great addition to the family. Children often enjoy emulating adults, so by helping BABY born to eat, drink, change nappies – and even use the potty - your child’s self-esteem is boosted by having their own special baby to care for. These loving relationships help children learn how to treat family members, friends and others.

BABY Born Teeth-MakeFriends

BABY born can also help with a child’s bedtime routine, including brushing his or her teeth, enjoying bath time and then settling down to sleep – and parents can encourage their child to show BABY born a good example!

BABY born - Care-Growing

The iChild website features some lovely BABY born activities, which have been specifically developed to support children’s early learning in the following areas:

  • Bedtime Routine - Dental hygiene, bath time and bedtime
  • Family & Wellbeing - Family relationships, sibling relationships, welcoming a new baby
  • Friendship and play - Caring for others
  • Food and growing

The activities are perfect for role play and are designed for early years practitioners to use in nursery or reception classes, or enjoyed by parents at home.

Blog-3 BABY borns

BABY born accessories


BABY born also comes with a range of delightful BABY born accessories. From the ever-popular bath time range to help make bath time fun! Not to mention the BABY born Bath Toothcare Spa, which is a modern-style wash basin, complete with a teddy bear toothbrush and towel, a little duck nail brush and handy shelves to store all of BABY born’s bathroom essentials. Children can even press the button to hear realistic bathroom sounds and watch the Toothcare Spa light up!

BABY born fashion


The BABY born Trend range has expanded to include new, ultra-cool fashions that are perfect for BABY born Soft Touch, Sister and Brother.  Plus, with 19 outfits in the collection, the wide variety of outfits in the Mothercare fashion range means BABY born is ready to play no matter the weather and this autumn. Key new outfits in the collection include the BABY born Princess on Ice Set and the Trend Deluxe Coat!

You can even see BABY born in action via the BABY born TV Commercial!




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