Every Parent’s a Winner

Posted by iChild, October 30, 2019 11:01 AM

By Susie Verril, Greg Rutherford and Haliborange

Recently published research reveals the pressure many UK parents (49%) feel from social media influencers to be the 'perfect parent', with over a third (36%) of parents feeling social media can portray parenting as 'easy', leading to nearly a quarter of parents (22%) feeling as though they are failing as a parent. 


Susie Verrill and partner Greg Rutherford were concerned about this, and have joined forces with Haliborange (leading UK children's vitamin brand) on their Every Parent's a Winner campaign, which celebrates those everyday parenting wins. We're grateful for the offer of their blog, and the chance to spread the word in support of our parents every day - everywhere.

The research by Haliborange found that 48% of parents’ perception of ‘Instagram perfect parenting’ has a negative effect on their mental health and wellbeing, with nearly two thirds (64%) feeling judged by other parents and 22% comparing their parenting skills to those on social media.

It has been revealed, however, that 41% of parents like seeing ‘honest parenting’ from influencers and over a third (35%) prefer to see the realities of parenthood on social media, injected with a bit of humour (29%) and things they can relate to (27%). When asked about their thoughts towards awards such as ‘Celeb Mum of the Year’, Haliborange discovered that parents feel they are shown a false perception of parenting (45%) and being displayed with an unrealistic portrayal of parenthood (33%).

As parents juggle the school day and everyday life, 83% of parents agree that everyday realistic ‘small parenting wins’ such as getting the children out of the house in time for school (44%), going to the toilet in peace (22%) or drinking a cup of tea without it going cold (30%) should be celebrated more often.

Top 5 things parents consider as small parenting wins:

  • 44% Getting children out of the house in time for school
  • 31% Getting children to eat some of their food at mealtimes
  • 30% Having a cup of tea or coffee whilst it’s still hot
  • 25% Going out in clean clothes
  • 22% Going to the toilet in peace

In light of the research, Haliborange launched their Every Parent’s a Winner campaign, which aims to help celebrate parents and their everyday ‘small wins’ like getting their kids to eat at mealtimes. After all, every parent is winging it and unlike awards such as ‘Celeb Mum of the Year’ where one winner is perceived as having it all, Haliborange believes every parent is a winner. With audiences increasingly looking up to real parents on social media over ‘Insta-perfect’ or celeb media portrayals, Haliborange has teamed up with honest parenting duo Greg Rutherford (Olympic gold medal winning athlete and stay-at-home Dad), and his influencer fiancé, Susie Verrill, to talk about their relatable, everyday small wins, the pressures of ‘Instagram perfect parenting’ and how every parent deserves to be a winner.


Susie Verrill comments: “Greg and I are delighted to be working with Haliborange on this campaign. As an influencer myself, I’m aware of the increasing pressures of ‘Instagram perfect parenting’ and feel strongly about displaying an honest and realistic portrayal of parenting to my followers – which if you follow my Instagram you will be familiar with. Collaborating with Hailborange gives us the perfect opportunity to speak honestly about the pressures we face around parenting and share what we think are notable ‘small wins’ such as getting our kids to eat their meals or managing an arts and crafts session without gluing pom poms to one of the dogs! After all, we’re all winging it and we want all parents to know they are doing a good job.”


Greg Rutherford comments: “As a retired athlete and now a stay-at-home Dad, it’s important to me that our children get the vitamins and minerals they need with a balanced diet, to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. With our son, Milo, starting school for the first time in September, any small win will make our busy lives as parents easier. Haliborange has helped make our life so much easier, ensuring our kids diets are topped up with essential vitamins like Vitamin D to support strong bones and healthy teeth. With the increasing pressures around ‘Instagram perfect parenting’, getting our kids to simply take their tasty vitamin every morning is considered not only a small win but a huge win! We want all parents to feel this same sense of achievement in their everyday ‘small wins’ such as getting to nursery on time or getting kids to eat at mealtimes.”

Our thanks again for the offer of this blog. Susie Verrill and Greg Rutherford are working with Haliborange, the UK’s No 1 kids vitamin brand, on the ‘Every Parent’s a Winner’ campaign, which celebrates those everyday parenting wins. Recommended by 9 out of 10 parents, Haliborange is available from Boots, supermarkets and pharmacies. For more information, visit https://www.haliborange.com/.


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