Attending the school Nativity

Posted by iChild, December 11, 2019 2:01 PM

By Next Best Thing to Mummy

One of my favourite times of year is Christmas and the school nativity play was something that myself and my husband looked forward to.

My youngest son attended a small village school where almost everyone felt like family.


One year we took along an 18 month old child who I was minding. She sat between us waiting for the play to start. When it did, a parent behind us started to video record his child taking part in the nativity. The little girl saw the camera and got down from her chair and began dancing and waving. She thought this parent was filming her!

A few weeks before the play, my son had told us that he was going to be a fairy in the performance. My husband muttered something like  "no son of mine is being a fairy”. He was actually playing the part of an angel.

The school nativity was fantastic. We sat chuckling to ourselves as we watched a boy playing a sheep take a piece of straw from a bale and attempt to put it up his nose. "How long before he starts to sneeze," my husband whispered to me.


A toddler group that I attended held a nativity play. A child who I was minding had been chosen to be a shepherd, his mum even made him a beard from a strip of fur attached to elastic. The play was organised chaos as the children were too young to understand what they were supposed to be doing. But that just added to the fun of everyone watching.

If you want to prepare your child for an upcoming nativity play there are books on the subject; one of my favourites is Snow in the garden by Shirley Hughes, which has delightful illustrations of a nativity play.

Another book tells the funny side of Christmas with children is A Wayne in a manager.

If you have tales of your own child's nativity, please do share them!


Our iChild website also has a range of Christmas crafts and activities!


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