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Posted by iChild, August 26, 2020 6:58 PM

Best methods for cleansing babies’ skin

When it comes to cleaning your baby, it can be confusing to know what is best to use on their delicate skin.  We spoke to some baby skin experts on the purest methods for cleansing, their top tips for parents on ingredients to use, and the new validation that WaterWipes are purer than cotton wool and water.

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Why are WaterWipes purer than cotton wool and water?

WaterWipes have been recently validated as being purer than cotton wool and are the best wipe to use on your baby’s delicate skin. Although water and cotton wool are perceived to be 'pure', did you know that particulates, impurities and other minerals in both the cotton material and the water, even if boiled, can still be found? Using cotton wool and water therefore is not the purest method for cleansing your baby’s skin. WaterWipes are a purer method and are manufactured under clean room conditions using a unique purifying technology. They contain 99.9% high purity water which passes through a seven-step purification process to remove physical and chemical impurities. This water effectively cleanses the skin without the need for any additional cleansing ingredients that are often too harsh for babies’ skin. All of this means WaterWipes provide safe cleansing whilst offering the convenience of a wipe and reassuring parents they’re doing the best for their little one’s skin.


Advice from the experts

Cairine Wilkinson, Consultant Dermatologist notes that “the outer layer of baby’s skin is around 30 percent thinner than adults, which means it can react more sensitively to some products and ingredients.” She advises that parents avoid using any harsh soaps or liquid cleansers “as many of these products include unnecessary chemicals and fragrances, such as parfum, phenoxyethanol and benzyl alcohol, which can irritate babies’ skin. Often, cotton wool and boiled water contains impurities, which can dry out babies’ skin too. An alternative and purer method for cleansing would be to use WaterWipes as they are purer than cotton wool and contain only recognisable ingredients.”

Expert GP, Dr Stephanie Ooi agrees, stating that “As a baby’s skin is so delicate, it is important to choose something pure when cleansing, so that it does not disrupt the baby’s skin barrier. WaterWipes are the only wipe proven to be purer than cotton wool and water, therefore don’t contain the impurities found in boiled or tap water and cotton.”

Expert Midwife, Marie-Louise says,  “When choosing a suitable baby wipe I would advise parents to always check the packaging, and use a pure wipe with as few ingredients as possible. WaterWipes are a good option as they contain only two ingredients, 99.9% high purity water and a drop of Fruit Extract. Therefore, they won’t disrupt the baby’s delicate skin barrier and can potentially help to minimise the chance of skin conditions such as eczema and nappy rash too.”

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iChild Director, Sara, says, 'Water Wipes have been an essential item for my little boy. Suitable for newborns and gentle on your baby’s skin, they have been perfect to use from birth and beyond.'

For more information, please visit www.waterwipes.com, WaterWipes Facebook and Instagram.


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