Positive parenting to promote better behaviour in children

Posted by iChild, October 14, 2020 8:36 AM

By The Next Best Thing to Mummy

I always say that I wish I had had the knowledge on managing children's behaviour, gained from working as a registered child minder for many years, when my own children were growing up.


Everyone commented that I had so much patience. In fact, yes, I was patient and calm with the children I was looking after, as I didn't have them all day, every day - managing my own children's behaviour was completely different. I sometimes lost my cool and was once told by my milkman that he had heard me shouting. I was really embarrassed  to think that he thought I had lost my temper. Positive parenting brings positive response in children.


Regular readers of my own blog will know that I am an advocate for rewarding good behaviour and ignoring the unwanted in children.

Positive parenting goes one step further; instead of telling children “no, don’t do that”, have a more positive approach to behaviour management by saying things like “never mind” if your child accidentally drops something on the floor, for example.

Children love to get attention from adults, and they are always looking for this attention. Sometimes they will misbehave to get attention (even if it is negative attention). By rewarding every aspect of good behaviour, you’ll be giving children the attention they crave. By being more positive, hopefully children will pick up a positive vibe, which will reflect on their behaviour.


Using reward charts is another way of managing behaviour in a positive manner. iChild has a lovely Reward Charts section, and I’ve written another blog on using reward charts effectively.

Try to find the time to spend half an hour or so spending time with your children every day. They will thank you for it!

By The Next Best Thing to Mummy


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Thanks ichild for using another of my blog posts, I am always looking for topic suggestions or requests

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