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Posted by iChild, March 10, 2021 11:22 AM

By Linda Hall (Miss Fu), founder of Animal Fu

Animal Fu was created by my years of training in martial arts. I found the fundamental disciplines in learning martial arts not only helped me physically by improving my flexibility, coordination and stamina, but the focus on mental wellbeing and mindfulness was equally rewarding. Like any sport, you need a great teacher to help you stay motivated and enjoy the journey. Luckily, I did, the great Chinese Master Leung Guo Qiang. Kung fu is a very expressive martial art, involving imitating movements of certain animals. Once I became a qualified fitness instructor, I started teaching it to all age groups.


I found the mix of music and martial arts worked incredibly well for children. Mastering tiger crawls, jumping like a grasshopper, standing tall like a heron or a stalk - all these were  combinations that worked very well. Within any fitness class we warm up, we stretch, we do combinations and we cool down - so how could I make my class stand out to be different? Animal Fu has five characters: a monkey, a bear, a tiger, a grasshopper, and the Master Storky. They each have their own super moves and their very own style of music.

Through delivering workshops and teaching in schools we added character-specific stories and special messages to each of the characters, which added an educational aspect to the fitness programme. Animal Fu fits with all age groups from reception up to year 2 (key stage 1). The children love to see the mascot characters and sing along to the very catchy music. Before you know it, they are enjoying a full workout without knowing they are exercising!


Master Storky is a calming influence. He focuses on breathing, and his exercises include the slow movements of Tai Chi. His music is more of a classical feel. Master Storky's message to children is the importance of keeping body and mind in tip top condition. 


DJ Finn, the grasshopper, is a cool DJ so his vibe is more dance inspired and upbeat. His message is - respect! DJ Fin always treats others with respect, and also knows how to take good care of the world around him.


Boris the Tiger was born in a part of Russia which is very cold and covered with snow for a large part of the year. Boris is big and tough, but he uses his strength only to help others. His character encourages teamwork and support with children.

PatsyBearPatsy has a very special move, only involving side-steps, just like you use in line-dancing. Children can find it hard at first, but have a real sense of achievement when they master it (just like Patsy)! Patsy's message is care and share.Monkey
Mabu the Monkey was born in the hot jungle of South America and can speak Spanish as well as English. Mabu has lots of energy, like most children! She eats lots of yummy foods that are really good for her. As well as great dance steps, her message to children is – if you eat, you feel right!

Animal Fu also offers benefits to older children and adults, hence calling the workouts Animal Fu Family! Mums, Dads, big brothers and sisters all having fun and staying healthy at home together. Since lockdown, Animal Fu has been a support for families. We have found ways of keeping families well and active as well as keeping a positive and calm outlook through the pandemic.

Our fun Animal Fu Family fitness videos are available through TV.FIT and their TruConnect app.

Videos on TVFIT 1

Now as lockdown eases, we are passionate to lead the way in children’s wellness and continue to keep supporting families through our Instagram (animalfu) and YouTube channels.

It is wonderful how we can connect with so many families and schools around the world with a click of a button. The next step for Animal Fu is to find a suitable charity partner to help support even more families around the world. Our mission is to keep the nation active, happy, well and - most importantly - have Fun!

By Linda Hall (Miss Fu), founder of Animal Fu

Linda's love of fitness and dance started at an early age, training at a full-time stage school in London. On leaving school, to keep herself in tip top condition, she signed up to a local Martial Arts Academy learning Wing Chun, but it wasn't until she met her Chinese Grand Master Sifu Lueng Guo Qiang that she took her training seriously. She tavelled to China to meet her Masters students and train at their school in Zhaoqing. On returning to the UK, she competed in Chinese Martial Arts tournaments in Oxford, winning first place in 2002 and 2003. Animal Fu is a creation of her many passions fitness, music, friendships and having FUN.

Linda is qualified in exercise to music, YMCA, Stott Pilates, Aqua fitness, pre/post- natal, exercise as well as her Masters certificate in Chinese Martial arts.



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