STEM toys and books from our iChild Shop

Posted by iChild, April 14, 2021 2:56 PM

STEM toys are just the thing to help girls and boys develop their logical, spatial and problem-solving skills and knowledge. In short, perfect to support STEM! We've selected a few of our favourites from our iChild Shop. (Remember, the iChild Shop is affiliated to Amazon, so when a lovely book takes your fancy, the link will take you through to Amazon.) 

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set
Science and lab set
LeapFrog Preschool STEM and Teamwork

Science4you Water Science Kit Educational Toy

LEGO Creativity Box Building Set

LeapFrog Year 1 Activity Book: Space Science and Thinking like a Scientist
STEM-Problem solving

Learning Resources Primary Lab Set

See Inside Science Board Book

For more STEM products visit our iChild Shop!


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